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AI integrated into Windows , works in any app, in 1 click. Create images, add or update text & more

Experience the ultimate performance boost
With Superset, you can automate repetitive tasks and focus on high-value work. Reduce or extend text you've written, rewrite it as more playful, all in 1 click

Free to use, or pay for premium tiers

Start for free, no credit card required.

* BYO: Bring your own API key


For personal and students


Up to 20k tokens

Up to 200 requests

Unlimited tokens

  • 20 Total Playbacks

  • Unlimited speech


For power users


Up to 10k tokens

Up to 10k requests

Up to 1M tokens

  • Everything in Free, plus:

  • File Automations

  • Higher quality speech


For large projects


Up to 50k requests

Up to 50k requests

Up to 10M tokens

  • Everything in Gold, plus:

  • Insights (soon)

  • Integrations (soon)

  • Priority support

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