Automate your work
using plain English
to connect Dropbox, IoT, or pay/send currency with Superset


Write smart contracts
in plain english.

Control your cryptocurrency with Superset smart contracts like IFTTT or

Link external services

Use Google Drive, or Dropbox or Salesforce directly in a smart contract by crowdsourcing data. Connect Superset to any API or even Internet of Things (IoT)


Superset smart contracts can be made private or public, and shared with anyone. White label a Superset smart contract using our API.


Increase readability, with Superset smart contracts that are completely transparent because they are in plain english and easy to understand

Superset works over
multiple blockchains

Superset can run over multiple blockchains (Ethereum, NEO, etc) and work with services like Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.

Imagine being able to control your cryptocurrency as if you were using IFTTT or



Superset is not doing an ICO

NLP Engine


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Questions and Answers

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What is Superset:

Superset is a system that allows anyone to create smart contracts in plain English that run over multiple blockchains (Ethereum, NEO, WanChain etc). Superset is a global exchange that allows individuals to create immutable smart contracts, facilitate payments over multiple blockchains, and arbitrate disputes. The smart contracts can be used to run your own freelancing service, or a crypto lottery, or recurring payments. You can write Superset smart contracts to do whatever you want.

How does Superset work:

Superset uses natural language processing (NLP) engine that runs simple English sentences though its NLP/ML program to develop smart contracts that have traditionally costs upwards of 100K. The NLP engine was created by Dan Clark circa 2007 and utilizes proprietary neural network models to make this possible.

What problem does Superset solve:

If you want to create a smart contract right now, you have to know how to program (in Solidity, etc), deploy it to the blockchain, etc. With Superset, you can create a smart contract just like you would compose an email, and have it up and running in less than one minute. Lets say you wanted to create a smart contract to pay someone in Bitcoin when they sent you some software you need. The process to do this without Superset would require days/weeks of programming to setup the contract, website, etc. With Superset, you'd just fill out a few fields, send money to the contract would be done in minutes.

How do you handle ambiguous language for the contract terms:

When the beta version of Superset is released allowing an user to write their own smart contract in plain english, the vocabulary of possible words anyone can use will be restricted initially. Subsequent versions of Superset will automatically detect ambiguous language and notify the user or prevent the contract from being published until the identified ambiguity is resolved.

How are disputes handled in Superset :

Any user can initiate a dispute request on a Superset smart contracts. Initially, the Superset team (and a 3rd party arbitration system) will arbitrate disputes . Later in 2018, users will be able choose between a 3rd party arbiter and a jury of Superset users

How will I know how to structure or write a smart contract's terms:

We are creating a help guide and a dictionary of the words that can be used. The pre-created templates released in the initial version of Superset will provide examples of how to structure the terms also. The first version released will not allow anyone to create a new smart contract.

Are Superset smart contract's legally binding:

Currently, they are not. We may add an option for two parties to enter in to a legal binding agreement later.

What programming languages was Superset written in:

C++ and C# primarily

Why are you using C#:

C# is an amazing language ! LINQ by itself is incredible, but other features like expression trees, and dynamic types that allow you to skip compile time checking permit you to straddle the line between multiple types of programming languages.

How do you verify withdrawals are by the user:

We will send a text message to your phone, which contains a code you have to enter on the Superset website to complete the withdrawal. We may switch to Google Authenticator in the near future (or a similar system)

Do you verify all users on Superset:

All users of Superset must go through our KYC/AML (Know Your Customer | Anti-money Laundering) checks in order to participate in the STO

What is the fee for the using the Superset platform:

Superset is free to use. A Superset smart contract you participate in may require crypto currency but the Superset platform/website is free

Who pays for gas in Superset:

For Superset smart contracts, the publisher of the contract can elect to use escrow within Superset or escrow on the blockchain . When escrow on the blockchain is selected, the cost of gas is taken from the money sent to the contract. For withdrawals from Superset, the person initiating the withdrawal.

Are Superset smart contracts running directly on the blockchain:

No, Superset smart contracts run outside the blockchain, manipulating the blockchain , storing pieces of the contract on the blockchain, etc.

Do you store any personal information during KYC/AML verification :

We only keep your email address, phone number, and name after KYC/AML verification. You can change your name to anything you want after you are verified. We discard the rest of your inforamtion

Do you have a working version of Superset:

Yes. We have a fully working version of Superset that works with Superset smart contracts as of March 1, 2018. You can see a video of Superset here:

Where is Superset based:

We are based in Silicon Valley (in California)

Will anyone be able to create a Superset smart contract with Version 1:

Version 1 will have uneditable pre-created Superset smart contracts. We will release 1.x versions of Superset before releasing Version 2 that allow users to modify the pre-created smart contracts to some degree. Version 2 of Superset will allow anyone to create a Superset smart contract within a textbox.

What does 'Programmable money using plain English' even mean:

Currently, you can not program a dollar or euro to pay your friend if they text message you a certain code . Or how about programming your money to buy more Bitcoin when certain conditions apply ? With Superset, you will be able to do things like that. Hence the 'Programmable money using plain English' , because you program your money just by typing english words to do what you want. Now, we are not claiming you can literally program your money to do anything with Superset, as Superset is but an acorn seed right now, constantly being improved and updated. We do believe our system will be able to surpass any existing NLP system though.

Is Superset open source:

No, it is not.

How does the NLP engine in Superset work:

Click here to read an explanation of how it works

Is Superset a non-profit company:

We are registered as a for profit corporation within the United States

Is Superset running on it's own blockchain:

No. We plan on creating our own blockchain in the next year

What is a Superset smart contract:

A 'Superset smart contract' is a smart contract that runs continuously on our cluster of servers (in the cloud). A Superset smart contract is distinct and separate from a smart contract running on the Ethereum network. A Superset smart contract can be thought of as being a layer above the blockchain, as it is able to create (Ethereum smart contracts for example) and interact with the blockchain as the Superset smart contract is running. We plan on creating a completely decentralized version of Superset in the future. An Ethereum smart contract (for example) has to use an Oracle to connect to any external applications and would not be able to easily perform operations across another blockchain easily. We believe, creating Superset as a centralized layer over top of the blockchain is a good first phase.

What happens if language parsing fails for the contract terms:

If language parsing fails, the user will not be able to publish the contract until the errors are resolved. This is done through the contract validation process when a user creates a smart contract. We will release a help guide that details how to resolve errors (with screenshots and video) in the future

What is your KYC/AML policy:

KYC/AML policy is here

How do I request a new type of pre-created smart contract templates

You can send us your suggestions at help at


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